It’s Up to Me and The Creator

14 Aug


Looking at my AquaSwiss its about that time, time for my 6 month check up. Well on Tuesday, I went to get a sonogram of my uterus to check things out in the Kitty Cat post treatment. Well I am on this drug daily to keep my estrogen levels down. I don’t want to name names yet, and low and behold, I now have ovarian Cysts. Also the lining of my uterus is thickening, no bueno!

Well after a quick google search, According the the Journal of Clinical Oncology, Oct 2005, there is an article on Ovarian Cysts formation in patients using Tomoxifen for treatment of breast cancer.

Conclusion of Study:
In patients using tamoxifen for breast cancer treatment and prevention, Patients still having a menstral cycle during tamoxifen use had high risk, (58.33%) of developing ovarian cysts. Pts also at risk for developing endometrial carcinoma and ovarian cancer.

Somebody please help me to understand that after a half million dollars in treatment, (and still counting), I have and am at risk for these other disease states.

I am taking matters into my own hands. It is up to me and the creator when its my time. I am not going to spend another second being worried or scared. I have been worried and scared my whole life. Scared there would not be enough to eat when I was younger, scared of not being smart enough, pretty enough, successful enough. I have been scared of losing my job, scared the cancer would come back, and that is just way too much scared for one person. I am not scared anymore!!!!!

Have to go now, time to go and enjoy my life.


One Response to “It’s Up to Me and The Creator”

  1. Ilaria August 14, 2014 at 12:53 PM #

    Love and respect for each word, you’re an amazing person!

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