Exercise and Eating Healthy

11 Feb

So I am finally able to get out of bed and start trying to get my life back to normal.  I only have 3 treatments of perception left.  I get infused once every three weeks and can’t wait for the final poke. As a result of treatment, I have gained 30 pounds.  Now I am working on not necessarily loosing all of the weight but making sure that I exercise, and eat as healthy as possible.  I make my green smoothies to keep my blood rich with cancer fighting nutrients.  I am also working on recipes which use as many alkaline foods as possible.  Now that I have taken the scientific approach to ridding my body of cancer.  I am using the holistic approach to get myself healthy.  

I started off my day yesterday by trying to exercise.  It was discouraging even trying to find something to wear to the gym because nothing fit.  Finally I found something. I take a quick subway ride to my beloved equinox in downtown Brooklyn.  I took a class called Tabata. And yes, It was as difficult to do as it is to pronounce.  I though I was going to either throw up or drop dead  of a heart attack.  I started fighting back the tears and focused on finishing the high intensity workout.  After the class I bumped into the instructor in the equipment room.  “I said sorry for not keeping up with the class, I am not lazy, I had cancer and my body is not the same.  It is going to take me a while to get everything functioning the way it used to.”  He was so nice.  Asked me to give him a hug.  And said he looked forward to seeing me next week.  He told me not to give up.

So I leave the gym inspired walking past the Shake Shack., (a famous shake and burger joint).  Instead of concentrating on those delicious smelling burgers, I decided what alkaline food could I make from all of the wonderful veggies in my fridge.  

I decided on a Leek and Cauliflower soup inspired by the great Chef Franklin Becker.  He does this soup at his restaurant, “The Little Beet.”  It is absolutely delicious creamy and you don have to use milk.  Hope you enjoy this recipe.  Thanks for the inspiration Franklin

Leek and Cauliflower Soup

Tablespoon and a half of Olive Oil

2 Leeks

Half of Large Spanish Onion

2 cloves of garlic minced

1 Head of Cauliflower

3 sprigs of Tyme 

A quarter Lemon.  

Add olive oil to very large Frying pan or soup pot.  Sautee onions add a little salt to keep onions from Browning.  Add leeks cook till almost tender then add garlic, cook until fragrant but make sure not to burn the garlic.  then add cauliflower, give it a couple of stirs then add a box of vegetable stock.  Add the three sprigs of tyme cover pot and cook until cauliflower is tender.  Fork should go through very easily.  When done to your texture and thickness, remove tyme stems and let cool a little.  Then just throw in a blender squeeze a couple of drops fresh squeezed quarter lemon, puree and you will have the most delicious soup ever without feeling like you are on a diet.  






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