Getting Back to Healthy

21 Jan

Good news.  I got my blood levels back from my internal medicine doctor.  Everything came back within normal range.  No more vitamin D or B deficiencies.  Thats a good thing because those deficiencies help to create an environment for cancer cells to grow.  White and red blood cell counts are within range.  I have even lowered my cholesterol.  

I am so happy because there was a period where I was very weak and could not get out off the couch.  I bought a hammock for camping for the summer as a Christmas present.  It comes with a stand so I set it up in my apartment.  I was literally so weak and sick from the radiation and the chemo that I laid in that hammock from Christmas Eve until, well to be honest this weekend.  

I spoke with my oncologist and she said that feeling this way was normal.  That sometimes it could take up to a year for your body to bounce back.  Although I had this knowledge, I still felt, “what if it’s coming back, what if it’s coming back.”

It is so nice to hear that I am healthy.  

Guess those green smoothies are helping.  On my way to the gym now.  Hope everyone has a blessed day! 


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